Hi Emmitt:

Here are the video samples from the video producer.  Please don't pay attention to this website - it's my uncle's business website and I am just temporarily putting these videos on a hidden page so you can view them easily from your phone.  The video producer is currently revamping his website so this was the next best solution for sharing these with you.

Click on the individual images to view each video.  Here is a description of what each video shows:

1.  Don't Be Bob:  This shows the producer's graphics, animation and concepting capabilities.  There are two ads in this selection.  The second video in this selection has a section that shows a quick video demo for a website.

2.  Musketeers Intro:  This selection shows the producer's graphics, editing, shooting, concepting capabilities and more.  It has a sports feel to it because it is a video for a local hockey club.  This shows he is adaptable and can powerfully convey messages in our related market.

3.  KCAU Promo:  This selection shows his editing, concepting and shooting capabilities.  In this video, he uses aerial video and other angles to convey a powerful promotional message to gain viewership.

4.  War Eagle:  (Click Next to view)  This was a quick little documentary vignette he put together to show the aerial videography part of his business as well as another style of work.

This guy has access to other creative guys who can write, edit, shoot and be funny (if we need that).  He's a solid choice if you want high-quality, creative and customized videos.

Let me know if you have questions.

~Brenda Murphy

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