When it comes to getting an oil change, many customers feel more comfortable going to someone they know will do a great job with their new or used vehicle. That's why Murphy's Performance Brake provides quick lube oil and filter services for our customers.  Each oil change uses only the best fluids and filters to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

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Many people are familiar with the term "lube", but did you know most of today's vehicles no longer require that service?  "Lubing" means  lubricating certain moving parts in the front suspension and steering systems, however unless your car has replacement OEM parts that may require lubing from time to time, only older cars may require this service.  Ask our mechanics and we'll gladly let you know what your car needs.

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Filters play a crucial role in the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. Every filter needs to be clean to prevent dirt particles or other contaminants from entering your fuel, engine or air conditioning systems. Filters can become clogged and contaminated – even from normal use and can cause rough driving.  See us for all your car's filter needs - cabin air filters, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters - we do them all.


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